Winemaking and Sterilization

Protect & Refine Your Winemaking

Winemaking & Sterilization Filters

Filtration is a very effective winemaking tool that can be used not only to refine the wine but to assure it is microbiologically safe.
Argonide’s P-Series filter cartridges are great for manufacturing operations! The filters are constructed with our patented NanoCeram® media which offers assurance of sterility as they remove both yeast and bacteria!

Our NanoCeram® filters are also recommended for sterilizing water during the bottle and rinse stage. It is important to have pure water to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from entering the container as it could potentially spoil the wine.


  • Bacteria & yeast removal
  • Low pressure drop
  • RO protection or replacement
  • Maintain stability and character of your wine


  • Filtering wine
  • Bottle operations
  • Membrane protection
  • Water filtration
  • Sterilizing capacity for non commercial operations

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Demarest Hill Winery


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Hutchinson Farm Winery

How It Works

One of the main challenges and top priorities for wine makers is protection of the wine’s stability and character during wine filtering operations. Our sterilizing filters remove bacteria and yeast at high flow rates and do not affect essential elements of your wine’s taste or character. Argonide’s patented NanoCeram® technology provides a cost effective solution for these issues.

Argonide’s NanoCeram® filter media is a non-woven, electropositive filtration media and provides unique features. The media has a very high surface area which promotes retention of negatively charged particles and organic matter at a rate greater than 95%. This feature applies to organics, microbial, and colloidal substances. It removes the bad and leaves the good.

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Our Innovators



Founder and CEO

Fred Tepper is the genesis and driving force behind all that is Argonide. Fred, a problem solver and solutions expert in the world of science, innovated many things and advanced many industries throughout his career. He and his research and development team at CRC (Catalyst Research Corporation) developed and patented a revolutionary lithium battery. The creation of which revolutionized the world of medicine by helping to enable the modern pacemaker. In 1997, he founded Argonide as an investment in nanotechnology and soon turned the focus of Argonide to water/fluid filtration to once again innovate and change an industry. The technology he developed yielded an electropositive adsorption material that could capture molecules as small as a virus. It was that material that later would become NanoCeram® filter media, a patented Argonide technology.


Vice President, Research and Development

Leonid Kaledin is a brilliant and accomplished scientist with a long distinguished career. He has 70+ papers published in peer-reviewed international journals, 60+ granted patents and patent applications and citations of more than 1500. He has worked in the fields of spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy and water filtration. Under NASA sponsorship, Leo developed a Nano-Ceramic sterilization filter for recycling wastewater to produce potable and hygiene waters for NASA’s space advanced life support programs. Leo is the co-inventor of Argonide’s NanoCeram® and DEAL® water filtration media.