Gary Battenberg

Business Development Manager - Senior

An industry veteran of 38 years, Gary joined Argonide Corporation in August 2020 as Business Development Manager-Senior.  Previously, he was a Technical Support and System Design Specialist with the Fluid System Connectors Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation where he was responsible for the production of a Sterile Water System for Hemo-Dialysis.  Gary is a contributing author to Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine and a member of its Technical Review Committee since 2008 and during that stead was voted one of the magazines Top 50 most influential people in the water treatment industry in 2009.

He has a proven successful track record in the areas of sales, installation, service, design, and manufacturing of water treatment systems.  His expertise includes the fields of domestic Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farm & Ranch, Institutional, High Purity, and Sterile Water treatment processes utilizing filtration, ion exchange, ultraviolet sterilization, reverse osmosis, and ozone technologies.

At Argonide, Gary is available to collaborate with you and help with integration of our filtration products as an application specialist.  When provided with the necessary information, he can help with the proper selection of Argonide filtration products for each application to ensure optimal quality per your and/or your customers' specification.

Additionally, Gary has the support of our scientists, research and development team, and quality control manager to ensure that Argonide Advanced Filtration Systems and products can meet your strictest quality standards.

All our products are manufactured in Sanford, Florida.  We are proud that we can say our products are Made in the U.S.A. and backed by our uncompromising quality, performance, technical support and third-party validation.  No one knows more than our technical and developmental team at Argonide because we are the originators of electropositive adsorption filtration media which is used in many different industries across the globe.  We are available to consult on specification for custom filters where proprietary design ensures replacement consumables are from your single source.  Our mission is to provide quality and cost-effective water filtration products that meet or exceed our customers' requirements for high quality, protective, great tasting and healthy, germ-free water consistently and reliably.