We Protect

Independent 3rd party testing verifies that NanoCeram® technology
removes or reduces Virus and Bacteria.

As Argonide continues to monitor the COVID-19 developments and its impact on our country, we want to assure you
that our commitment to our customers remains stronger than ever and we are continuing operations
to support your business.  We will continue to do so unless conditions warrant a change.

We wish you and your family health and safety during this time of uncertainty.

Commercial & Industrial

  • Equipment Protection & Pre-Filtration
  • Ultra Low Silt Density Index (SDI) 
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity (DHC) & Low ΔP

Residential Systems

  • Biologically Pure Great Tasting Water
  • Virus & Bacteria NSF Certifed Filtration
  • Lead & Pharmaceutical Removal

Specialized Applications

  • Laboratory Virus Samplers
  • RV and Marine Water Purification
  • Rain Water Harvesting

Technology That Solves Water Treatment & Purification Challenges

Top Rated Pleated Water Filter Cartridges
Argonide manufactures and supplies pleated water filter cartridges that are a technological leap over traditional sediment filters.

NanoCeram® filters utilize our NASA-derived & patented technology to satisfy the most difficult needs in water treatment & purification.

DEAL® technology is a functionalized and improved form of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) with an electropositively-charged alumina coating.

Argonide Filter Media Protects Customers Worldwide

Advanced Water Purification Products

Submicron Pleated Water Filter Cartridges


NASA derived filter media technology for submicron and colloidal particle capture.
NSF Certified Point of Use Water Filter


Complete line of NSF certified point of use microbiological water purifiers.
DE Filter Media


Electropositive enhanced Diatomaceous Earth for 99.99999% removal of bacteria and viruses.

Reduce Equipment Total Cost of Ownership With Pre-Filtration

Argonide equipment protection and pre-filtration solutions reduce maintanace and increase the useful life of reverse osmosis systems, boilers, chillers, cooling towers, water nozzles, office coffee service equipment, and other industrial equipment systems.
Equipment TCO Pre-Filtration Solutions
IAPMO R&T Water Quality
WQA Member
Water Filters Made In The USA
Argonide products with the Made In The USA logo are manufactured at our Sanford Florida factory with foreign and domestic parts.
ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer